Roz DeZign

ROZ DeZigns are about proprietary exhibition and/or educational content which follows our mission of connecting the past, the present and the future. These ideas are developed from within the ROZ Group organization.


Face to Face is a traveling exhibit concept that features the FACE, one of our most prized personal possessions: how beauty differs from one culture to the next; self esteem issues associated with how we look; and conditions and procedures of the face including transplants. “When I saw the New York Times article in July 2005, I was immediately intrigued and inspired,” states Roz McPherson. “Our goal is to ensure the thousands of people: young, seasoned, and from various cultures develop a healthy appreciation for ones own looks, in spite of what media standards say about how we should look.” The exhibit will travel to primarily to major science museums around the country and will provide tremendous opportunities to teach, inform, and give the public another example of the importance of their continued support of scientific research.

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